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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Seattle's history points out how before becoming what it is today, the city was much lower and thus had continuous flooding... after it burnt down they rebuilt a city over it... and thats what the underground tour is about (
ohhh and in the old seattle(the underground one) the toilets had to be very high because since seattle kept flooding the toilets would overflow causing a piles of crap(literally), so the toilets were built higher. you would actually need steps to reach them.... ironically, here where toilets were such a hassle, was were they were actually invented. (flushing toilets, if you want me to be exact)


so today i was watching/listening to this cover band doing covers of seattle bands... and well of course it made me remember how much i miss seattle and why... so my favorite place in seattle was a place called the five point cafe.... its a great place, great people.... interesting stories... i got it all on tape jiji.

Beyond rockin'. Can be LOUD.
Cool owner, middle-aged guy with a pipe who's frequently around to have a chin-wag with.
Immense platters of yummy, artery-clogging, authentique greasy spoon cuisine, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Only a block from my apartment (well, it was mine for 2 weeks jiji)!

hangover breakfasts. Awesome jukebox.

Scary, dusty/greasy bras suspended from a MOOSE HEAD. Check it out.

Windows crammed with garish neon - whee!

Sometimes junkies come to roost in the john.Strong drinks. Cheap, too!

My home sweet home in seattle

ahh the vermont inn, whose beautiful scenery included the SPACE NEEDLE, just two blocks away....


its a masterpiece i didnt take... from the roof you can also see the seattle skyline and with a nifty camcorder (like i had) or binoculars you can see inside other apartments jiji that is if they have the windows open.
may i remind you all of the great bands seattle has been a part of developing (nirvana, pearljam, soundgarden). but perhaps my favorite bands were those i found in the corners of the streets, mostly broadway (very grunge, indie street in seattle)...
thanks for the tour...