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Monday, March 26, 2007

Cause its cold inside

ive been thinking about stars and rainbows....

when the sky was tainted grey
thoughts of color crossed my head

i cant get you out of mind and i cant pretend i remember what it was like to be next to you. i've forgotten what it smelled like, ive forgotten what they were. but i still remember all the words and i remember all the colors. because somehow its never over, we could forget some things and we will remember others, but most of all the feelings never seem to disappear. Feelings like these are the only ones time has no power over. i wonder if you've forgotten, i wonder wether youre so busy looking down on others you missed me. I never fully understood what it meant to lose someone till years after i lost you, i have ideas of how i would of reacted differently and perhaps kept a stronger memory, stronger answers to why. but all i got was simplicity, but perhaps thats all the reason i need.

*perhaps in heaven i could answer all my doubts.. still missing you... still wishing you were here.

Song of choice: Radios in heaven - plain white t's

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