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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This world will break your heart

Anyways i know i havent written lately for that i apologize... all do my best que no vuelva a pasar.... Im glad everything is going great for you and for those whose life aint going that peachy.... well... better luck next time.

quote of the day: "My tears run down like razorblades And no, I'm not the one to blame It's you ' or is it me? "-secondhand serenade

i drive by empty streets trying to listen

to sounds i know ive missed.

I wish that i had the chance to change

all that couldve been.

i stay awake at night hugging the broken

pieces of a bear i cant let go off.

the night all of the sudden seems so terrifying

when the abscence is clear.

I cant tell how this story will end

im just hoping your in a better place.

i could cry all day even when ive done all i could do. Your breaking my heart, im falling to pieces, i cant take it back, i cant make it right, and i tried. im losing my heart, im losing mind. listen to my moon, listen to the world.. the world that will break our heart.

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