There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Monday, March 31, 2008

Bigger than us

I have a twinkie, who has a twinkie, who has a twinkilin.....

Because when everything else fails,
i still get a creamy filling.

because when the world turns upside down
they will catch me.

meet my twinkies

Teacher sheela

currently at 5th grade doing very little. Other than answering questions such as the name for breakdance moves (freeze, headstand, suicide, downrock, etc.) or explaining why you shouldnt peel the scab of a cut (eww, it'll get infected and it'll rot) i do very little.

Or maybe when you take too long in the bathroom and i ask what did you do?! (trying to get through to the fact you cant possible take that long in the bathroom, so where else did you go), his reply "i went poo"... ok eww.. go sit down.

What have i learned?i learned that tony hawke isnt the only professional skateboarder, that breakdance includes a move called suicide, that an object with 11 sides is called a hendacagon.

What did they learn? to LISTEN TO YOUR TEACHER AND BE QUIET.... or else....

I just figure everything is cool

Quote of the day: "Pride can stand a thousand trials, the strong will never fall"

distracting myself from the world
i enter psychosis.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

taciturn lips

Perhaps when the full moon comes out, i am that girl.

Rip my heart thats turned to stone.

vous n'avez pas a souffrir parce que vous etes beau

disregarded flower that lays in the ruins
of the pasts mistakes.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Makes you change

Quote of the day: "im just a fucked up girl looking for her own peace of mind, dont assign me yours."

Song of the day: "Best laid plans"

And if everyone is a star that shines at night, then i must be blind, there are no stars out in the sky. . Yet there is hope, and with my fallen star i walk towarda the horizon and perhaps in that line that seperates me from the night sky i find the answers that are hidden by the moon. Im jaded, unable to continue the ride. The world has turned gray.....

even the sky cries sometimes

Saturday, March 15, 2008

You could be happy

because in the dark, all the fears come into light.

In the stories of heartbreak and neglect i finally realized
it always ends the same way. Ive built walls and let them
tare them down. Ive buried my heart far from my soul and ive let
them dig it back up, I froze my heart and i let them bring out
the sun. The broken pieces lead them right to it, where defeated,
it lays.

And today as i am woken from the uneven beatings of my shattered
heart that have made way to my lungs making breathing difficult,
I notice my indifference towards my unlucky streak. Because even
as the cuts heal and scar tissue is replaced, still sometimes
when it rains and when its really could outside... it hurts...

Quote of the day: "Sing ourselves to sleep" the fray