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Monday, March 31, 2008

Teacher sheela

currently at 5th grade doing very little. Other than answering questions such as the name for breakdance moves (freeze, headstand, suicide, downrock, etc.) or explaining why you shouldnt peel the scab of a cut (eww, it'll get infected and it'll rot) i do very little.

Or maybe when you take too long in the bathroom and i ask what did you do?! (trying to get through to the fact you cant possible take that long in the bathroom, so where else did you go), his reply "i went poo"... ok eww.. go sit down.

What have i learned?i learned that tony hawke isnt the only professional skateboarder, that breakdance includes a move called suicide, that an object with 11 sides is called a hendacagon.

What did they learn? to LISTEN TO YOUR TEACHER AND BE QUIET.... or else....

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