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Saturday, August 02, 2008

far too many thoughts

somewhere, the sky cries for you......

i loved you since the first second i remember seeing your face
and looking back i know you loved me too. i remember the nights
as i waited to catch a glimpse of you, you seemed so omnipotent to me.

growing older i lost those dreams i had were you would protect me,
i found myself asking questions that could not be answered and still
i loved you.

if i could have kept you in a box, locked you up and lose the key, perhaps
you'd still be with me. i always hoped one day you would understand that
all i wanted was for you to love me.

i feel i shouldnt mourn losing you, but then again, i still feel like ive had 7 years bad luck. wrong or right i'd like to get it off my mind. so

send me a sign, tell me something because ive waited so long for answers i will no longer understand. "we were damned at the beginning, we'll be damned at the end". it always
hurt and i cant stop thinking, its hard to breath when the opportunity is gone.

porque si no estas que pasa con las palabras que me faltaron por decir? sera mas facil no creer. pospuse decirte tantas cosas creyendo que la vida nos iba a unir (si de verdad lo crei). tu que siempre estabas en mi mente, nunca pense que ahora sea verdad cuando digo somos 3, que pasa con mis suenos? busco mis respuestas........... im bleeding for nothing......

"perhaps you were mistaken"

i loved you most.



Anonymous said...


You mourn endlessly for someone who obviously wasn't meant for you in the first place. stop asking yourself questions and think..if that so called person ever did care about you wouldn't he still be there.
you fell in love with an illusion, not this person, you fell in love of what you wish he was. we all do it we all fall for this image, this supposed illusion of what we wish our significant other really was. but in the end we have to face reality and see that it doesnt work that way.if its gone, it happened for a reason, right?

and we accept it and stop wishing and stop hoping..we move on and its done.
dreams are dreams.if you stop searching for answers and look around, you might be able to see that there are none. the answer you're looking for was given to you the day they left you.

so, exactly you're bleeding for nothing. your bleeding for a supposed loved one who might not even be looking back.

"perhaps you were mistaken"

perhaps might be the overstatement.
don't do it to yourself, try to look beyond the dream and make yourself happy again.
remember sometimes the number three gets too crowded.

Anonymous said...

not overstatement, understatement.