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Thursday, August 07, 2008

In far too many thoughts...

Its not about attraction to the other sex..... there could be lost love, and even the one that got away and refer to something other than being heartbroken by someone you met a few years ago. sometimes these feelings go deep, like when you lose a brother. maybe you or i lost him before he passed away, but now that hes gone.. how would you mend old wounds?

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Anonymous said...

you can’t close your own wounds, most of the time it hurts too much. you just have to let time take its course and to tell you the truth even though you might find it hard, get it out of your head. trust me its not that hard, we all do move on..
it all depends. people take in pain many different ways and how they react after it is the complete opposite.
love will come and go, new love will come, one might hurt more than the next. but in the end if you know whats right it will eventually fade. because even though one might be tired of listening to this but everything happens for a reason and its true. because no one imagines themselves where they are today, because eventually theres a point where you do get over it.


now, when it comes to family or a dear friend, why would you want to close that wound? you dont get over it, you live through it, because deep down they never leave you. you cant live your life in grief. but you never forget, it always feels better to know that there still there.

wounds whether you like it or not, they don’t always go away. the hardest ones leave scars, you just have to grow and learn when to sew it and say bye.