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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The girl with the cloud over her head

In less than a month I've read 3 books (Monster of Florence, 15 minutes of shame, and I've finally finished reading Watermelon). Which is a sign of all the free time i have. I went from being a teacher to a senior in college with ambitions to unemployment -which is were I am at today-.

Apart from that, I've got a persistent writers block i cant seem to get rid off; and i do believe i've tried everything.... to no avail. things i've tried:

1. list of sappy love songs to be inspired by. (they've given me a headache and i cant stop singing them (or listening to the repeated -im leaving you, dont know if thats what i should do- oh there i go again).... and i got more tears than writing done.

2. cigarette soul searching stare (yes, there is such a thing). so i sit outside pretending the purpose is to smoke but actually just staring at nature who does nothing but annoy me with their mosquitoes and all. I try really hard to concentrate on the way the leaves move, but then come to the realization of how strange i must look -legs crossed, face on my hand, look of perplexion in my face-..... and a sigh... the end to that.

3. the bedroom stare. this is when i'm in bed laying on my back arms spread like a cross, staring at the fan in the ceiling. round and round it goes, i try to get thinking done and then i notice.... and there i come back into reality leaving the clouds behind....

finally my all time favorite...

4. Moon wishing. so i sit outside when everyone else is in bed and i stare at the moon looking through all the cracks and corners, looking at how it radiates, i see that there are barely any stars outside but they seem to shine vibrantly, i feel great, i sense ideas are about to run up into my conciousness in any minute and then..... my cellphone rings... and there goes that.

Song of the week: She Had the World

Quote of the day: "She said she won the world at a carnival"

Happy to report i see the sun out today, not so happy, they say it will still rain.....

oh sad sad world.... stay still for a while......

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