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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Unsuccessful battle against the block

"Fate is an elegant, cold-hearted whore
She loves salting my wounds
Yes, she enjoys nothing more" - Spill Canvas

and in the middle of the park stands a tree.
the leaves are heavy on its back. she comes
from afar and presses her hand on the chipping
bark and hears nothing.


it all amounts in simple words and all is lost
in a world where chaos plays the leading role.
She who wishes only to forget, is reminded of
the cloud above her head. It seems only to bring
dissapointment and regrets. He wishes to stay with
her, but the emotions seem to be stacked too high.
she pleads for him to let go and he says nothing.
She sees him from afar ignoring the cold stare and
tries to reach for him, but its too late. over her head
the rain starts falling. Another day, another cloud


where, she wonders, is her movie script ending,
because the happily ever after never came.


Song of the day: Polygraph, she knows - spill canvas

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