There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 reasons to love you

I was thinking of how love grows and sets itself in your heart changing forever the course that you set for yourself. i was thinking about you and as i try not to smile-- i rather not smile-- i cant help but remember that "id follow you into the dark"....

I remember:

* how your eyes change colors with moods and lights. theyve always fascinated me seeing that they can get so wide.

* i remember dancing to no music, but feeling it inside.

* how the light comes in the room with you, even when its dark.

* the strings of hair that are forever attached to you no longer my own that fall in my face as the look for your fingers.

* that we never saw the end of that documentary, even though we tried watching it 5 times.

* sharing our latest flirting conquests and laughing about who's better at it.

* highways to the mountains, trying not to fall off.

* how you can never stay angry for more than 5 minutes, how you dont let me be angry for more than two hours.

* how i love to pull you up and make you pretend your a plane, yes you are that skinny

* how we watched the sea one day, as it started to rain after 4 months away.

 you have always been a light, it was hard not to fall for you, as much as its hard to be without you,

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