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Monday, February 22, 2010

Have a little faith

On the way to the mountains, 3 days shy of turning 25 i recognized faces in others representing parts of me, my past, people who are no longer here.

i was hoping to see him, because i noticed the coincidences... i didnt. yet it was the only face i wanted to see. as i lay down, eyes closed, lights of i thought if him and i decided to have a little faith.

i explained how i didnt understand why for someone i hadnt seen in yours he was still important to me and how much it hurt not being able to say that to his face when he was gone. and in an act that could be more than me, at my 25th birthday i finally realized that maybe he had done what he came to do in this world and maybe that was help me understand others.

i have no crisis today, i know where i should go and im writing it down in case i should forget, that i couldnt save him, i cant save others, but i can help. and maybe thats what i should do in life.