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Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's a girl thing

"i never got to wear it."
"its a girl thing"

5 months later.

anon: "i keep watching that catch and release scene... because i get it... its not about the guy its about the dress,,, its a girl thing. "

He: "You'll get to wear it someday... well not that one"

anon: "i dont know if i will, im not too worried about it.... it doesnt seem important anymore"

he: "you know you want to"

anon: "i just dont make any illusions into it.... maybe everyone is right, i am jaded"

he: "you arent"

anon: "i had lasik surgery, before it i couldnt see past the length of my hand... i saw doubles or blurriness... everything mixed together, i couldnt pick things apart which meant i couldnt choose whats real and whats not.... i think thats whats happening now"


anon: "Karma's a bitch and shes kicking my ass. She also refuses to recognize my defeat and white flag for surrender... she's relentless"

he:"sigh... you are so blase"